Bestover Dumbell Concentration Curls

When you do these curls from a kneeling position, with the weight on one side, your obliques work overtime to keep you upright, giving you another way to target your core and biceps simultaneously. Ho.

He dragged it home and the friends used it as a dumbbell to work on arm curls. Six weeks later, they could see the changes the pushups and rail lifts were making in their bodies. ‘But we didn’t have a.

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How to do it: Select a dumbbell you can curl for no more than 5 reps or 15 seconds. Hold it in your non-dominant hand, palm in, and kneel. Keeping your elbow against your ribs, curl the weight, twisti.

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and rear Dumbbell press Upright rows Standing barbell push-press Biceps Standing dumbbell curls Preacher Curls Hammer curls E-Z curl bar One armed concentration curls Triceps Skull crushers Close grip.

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Concentration biceps curl: Sit on a bench or chair. With dumbbell in right hand, press elbow against inside of right thigh. Allow arm to fully extend toward floor, then curl it back up toward you, ten.